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NEW! Air Plant and Shell Gift Set - Tillandsia ionantha and pink sea urchin

NEW! Air Plant and Shell Gift Set - Tillandsia ionantha and pink sea urchin

$ 5.00

NEW! Now you can send one of these adorable air plant sets as a gift!  When you purchase this item, you will receive one (1)  sea urchin and ionantha air plant combination.  Tillandsia air plants are low maintenance and high reward.  Give them light and an occasional water spray and they will turn beautiful shades of pink, red, yellow, and orange.  In no time at all, you will enjoy a beautiful, bright bloom! Better yet, the excitement starts long before blooming time for many of these, as they grow pups throughout their lifespan. Care Instructions will be provided, but take care to tailor your routine to your specific environment. The plant and shell are not glued together.

GIFT NOTE:  We are happy to include a note with your gift, free of charge!  If you would like to us to include a note, simply leave a message at checkout with what you would like to say to the recipient. 

Sizing: The plants you receive will be between 1.5 and 2 inches in height. Plants may or may not be in blush or bloom. Blush is the plant's response to sun exposure. If your plants arrive green, give them half day exposure for a couple weeks to see color improvement. Please be aware that some varieties may look similar.

Guess What! A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of this item will go to our monthly donations to the Rainforest Alliance TREES program to support sustainable business practices and responsible collection practices. 


Please Read:

RETURNS/REFUNDS: We do not accept returns for any reason. Plants that are delayed or not delivered by USPS, or packages with incorrect shipping addresses will not be eligible for refunds or replacements, unless the buyer has purchased priority mail or faster mail service.  Please consider using priority mail service or buying shipping insurance to protect your purchase.

SHIPPING: All orders received by 10 am (PST), Monday through Thursday, are shipped next business day via the postal service requested at checkout. Weekends and postal holidays are excluded. We do not ship on Mondays. We May occasionally increase our shipping turnaround during times of heavy traffic. Please contact the shop if plants are needed by a specific date. 

IN HOT WEATHER: If your order will encounter temperatures over 70 degrees at any point in transit, Please select USPS Priority Mail or faster as your shipping method. Do not let your plants remain outdoors for any period of time. If plants arrive damaged due to heat exposure and this protection was not purchased, we will not refund or replace your order. Damage from heat exposure will result in brown plants or completely dried and dead plants. 

IN COLD WEATHER: If your order will experience temperatures near or below freezing at any point during transit, Please select the heat pack from the shop and priority mail shipping option at checkout. Do not allow your plants to sit outdoors for any length of time after delivery.  Purchases made without this protection that result in damaged plants, will not be eligible for refund or replacement. Damage from cold exposure will result in brown and/or mushy plants.

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